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Everyday life at work is made up of pressure, stress, and constant changes. 

With these usual rhythms, the desire to escape takes on an important role, and offering concrete answers improves the quality of life of companies and collaborators. 

Attention to the well-being and quality of life of employees becomes a determining factor because it reflects on the productivity and growth of the business.



The real benefits for associates concern their well-being and the improvement of the quality of life outside the work environment: satisfying their real needs, such as improving the work life balance or solving a concrete problem, also implies an increase in their performance.


The greater well-being of employees facilitates growth in motivation and, consequently, also in productivity. Furthermore, their greater serenity strongly affects the corporate climate, which is more relaxed and collaborative.


The impact of corporate welfare is also very strong on employer branding and on the reduction of turnover: offering employees welfare services affects the attractiveness that the company has to the outside towards new possible resources and the ability to keep with it the own talents. 

Save money while your associates purchasing power increase

Converting the performance bonus into goods and services involves tax exemption and deduction. This consequently increases the purchasing power of your employees and reduces the cost of labor

Our bonds have an increased value of 20%, are valid for 3 years from issue, and allow access to the exclusive club of Interlude Hotels & Resorts VIP guests. 

Contact us and we will study the right solution together to reward your human resources.


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