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Western Sicily is a journey full of adventures, with its traps that tell an ancient story and a hinterland rich in archaeological beauties, vineyards, and nature reserves. Shores of very fine and almost golden sand, sometimes lonely with its breathtaking nature, but also chaotic with its "abbanniate" in big cities. Between Unesco Heritage and archeology, this part of Sicily offers unforgettable emotions.




The Alto Belice Corleonese, on south of Palermo, is one of the destinations for sustainable tourism, which preserves a naturalistic heritage characterized by the presence of several natural reserves such as the Integral Natural Reserve of Grotta di Entella and the Oriented Natural Reserves of Serre di Ciminna and Serre della Pizzuta. Of greatest interest are the Boschi della Ficuzza, the Valley of the Oreto River and the Lake of Piana degli Albanesi. A few steps from the village of Corleone there is a fairytale setting with the Waterfall of the two Rocche, formed by the jump of the San Leonardo river. 
In town, you cannot miss a visit to the C.I.D.M.A. a place that preserves the history of the mafia and anti-mafia, in which the documents of the trials instructed by judges Falcone and Borsellino are also preserved. 
A prominent note also on the table with the artisan durum wheat pasta from the Corleonese area, the cheeses and meats of the Sicani Mountains, the D.O.C. such as Bianco d’Alcamo and Contessa Entellina, olive oil D.O.P. Val di Mazara and Monreale bread, absolutely all to be tasted.





Piana degli Albanesi located in the hinterland of Palermo, is included in the Serre della Pizzuta Nature Reserve and is reflected in the homonymous lake that characterizes it. Known until 1941 as Piana dei Greci, due to the Greek-Byzantine rite professed by its inhabitants, today it is the seat of the Italo-Albanian Church. A town with an architecture entirely in stone, typical of the Late Middle Ages, mixes with the Baroque style, which lasted until the early 1900s, and the Byzantine style, which has enriched Sicily since the 17th century. It is the most important Albanian colony in Sicily, which has preserved its ethnic linguistic identity. Today the traditions and precious period clothes are preserved, embroidered with gold and jewels, typical of Sicily in the 1600s. In addition to the many events that take place in Piana, such as the famous Arbëreshë Carnival, "Kalivari ju mjuath", the worth visiting the place to taste the typical local product: the Cannolo.




From a landscape point of view, the area has a remarkable attraction and is a constant destination for lovers of nature and outdoor sports. The best time is spring when the river of the Waterfalls of the Two Rocks is rich in water and a riot of colors all around. 
It is an experience that is really worth doing, both on foot and on horseback, immersed in a unique landscape you will be surrounded by nature with the chirping of birds and the sound of flowing water, to spend unforgettable moments, visiting the heart of Sicily. 
The whole Alto Belice area offers the opportunity to do all kinds of outdoor sports. 
The landscape is a naturalistic and architectural unicum worthy of a trip, there are many paths for horseback riding, cycling and jogging, as well as the various paths of the reserves for trekking lovers.


Which is the essence
of your next vacation?

Dream is the luxury of thought, it is the comfortable realization of a dream, it is a brief escape from everyday life, it is the attempt to experience the relaxation of a hotel within a significant context of relaxing luxury.

Emotion is a whisper of the music of nature, the rustling of trees in the evening, the good food of the earth on the breakfast table, the breathtaking color of a sunset are the ingredients for an emotional experience.

Experience, the sky remains our only limit, you should never do the same experience twice. Whenever the guest wants to spend his holiday he should always do new and different things, from sport to culture. This is pure vitality.





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