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Being part of our Brand is an investment in the future of your hotel.


Interlude Hotels & Resorts is a soft branding brand for hotels, belonging to our company: Interlude Management Srl

Why did we create a soft brand?

Soft branding
is a strategy, currently successful, in which a group of independent hotels come together under a single brand or brand to obtain greater visibility and brand recognition, while maintaining their autonomy and uniqueness.

In other words, members of a soft brand remain independent hotels, but benefit from the marketing, distribution and sales resources provided by the common brand.

Interlude Hotels & Resorts offers a personalized and tailored vacation experience for each member hotel, offering marketing, distribution, reservations and reputation management services to increase hotel visibility and guests loyalty.

Join Interlude Hotels & Resorts, the brand designed for small boutique hotels.

Renew your experience as a hotelier by joining the Interlude family of hoteliers, who care about your independence, enhance your uniqueness and help you in operational management.

Renew your hotelier experience, is our promise to the hotelier who moves from the digitalization of processes with tools that allow you to implement risk management protocols and at the same time guarantee a unique and unforgettable guest experience.

A promise that translates into the optimization of operational efficiency and revenues.





A clear market segmentation and therefore a clear positioning of your hotel product.



The use of advanced technology and booking systems that improve performance.

Entire hotel departments: Booking, Revenue, Sale & Marketing, etc... at the same cost as a single professional figure.



Joining the Interlude brand offers greater guarantees to your guest, it offers you a new experience in the daily management of your hotel, maximizing your profits.


We renew the quality of your service; we guarantee you tools and a dedicated team to offer a unique and unforgettable guest experience
We put at your disposal all our skills and decades of experience in the management of accommodation facilities, to implement security protocols and risk management, and we care about the human capital you have invested in. 
Complete management for your company with important savings on costs about all management levels and marketing, in order to maximize profit and revenues, position yourself correctly on the market, and have an entire team at your disposal for every type of need.


Revenue Management

  • Daily sales analysis on all channles
  • Room inventory management optimization putting attention to demand trend and pick up.
  • Monthly check of principle KPI (revpar, revpor, trevpar)
  • Rate adjustment according to daily sales speed
  • Compset analysis with special attention to those with same features and level of criticality.

Business Analytics

  • Fixed and variable costs analysis per division and the whole hotel
  • Use of Uniform System of Account for management audit per division
  • Cost Management optimisation to reduce their impact
  • Budget check per division
  • Monthly check of principle KPI: costpar, costpor, goppar, MOS, DOL and break-even

Sales and Marketing Management

  • Mission statement and marketing strategies planning
  • Analysis and development of related target market and brand web positioning
  • Compset analysis with special attention to those with same features and level of criticality
  • Content management and optimisation for website and OTA
  • Long term sales planning and quarter checks.

Communication and Social Media Marketing

  • Check of uniformity of brand identity with the mission statement
  • Communication strategies analysis and plan included content marketing and convincing copywriting
  • Management and optimization of social network presence with comment chairing and community management
  • Social advertising management and creation
  • Customer care management

Human Resources Training

  • Human resource training to better booking conversion
  • Human resource training to better in-house guest management
  • Human resource training to better complaint management
  • Human resource training to better use operational tools
  • Operation management protocols for safety and sanitizing control.

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Which is the essence
of your Hospitality Experience?

Dream is the luxury of thought, it is the comfortable realization of a dream, it is a brief escape from everyday life, it is the attempt to experience the relaxation of a hotel within a significant context of relaxing luxury.

This is the essence of accommodations with high-end and privileged service.

Emotion is a whisper of the music of nature, the rustling of trees in the evening, the good food of the earth on the breakfast table, the breathtaking color of a sunset are the ingredients for an emotional experience.

This is the essence of accommodations with exclusive and quality service.

Experience, the sky remains our only limit, you should never do the same experience twice. Whenever the guest wants to spend his holiday he should always do new and different things, from sport to culture. This is pure vitality.

This is the essence of accommodations with a complete range of services and comforts


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