Interlude Magazine



A trip for two

In one of our previous editions, we said that travel is a bit of a metaphor for life and means getting out of your comfort zone to return to it fuller in experiences. The search for new destinations, for different and unique emotions at the same time, has changed the connotation of travel, transporting it from pure adventure to personal enrichment. 
Traveling in two means multiplying this effect, because it also adds an emotional and passionate sphere to the simple concept of travel. Traveling together, therefore, means sharing emotions and experiences while also strengthening the couple's relationship. 
Traveling as a couple is not simply for lovers, traveling as a couple also means cementing friendships because thanks to the physical and psychological sharing of spaces you get to know each other thoroughly and are ready to improve the quality of your relationship with each other. 
The culmination of this experience then takes place as always at the table, where authentic flavors sublimate sharing.

Whether romantic or friendship, a trip is a unique emotion to share.