Interlude Magazine



Explore, laze, savour

When you explore a place, it means that you carefully examine it, go through it all, to know every aspect of it, or to discover what may be hidden there. In this sense, travel becomes that experience of life, of knowledge that with curiosity and fun allows us to immerse ourselves in new cultures. The journey, together with exploration, is therefore the keystone of that personal change that arises from new experiences, from the need to disconnect from everyday reality to reconnect with ourselves. The journey, in this sense, becomes the ally of idleness, in the most evolved sense of taking time for oneself, and can be associated with the need to savor with calculated slowness the conquest of a new balance and the finding of a new state of well-being. 
Each essence of Interlude is exploration, leisure, and taste. Stay experiences that leave space and time to meet and savor a different dimension of life.