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The meaning of Experience

Since Greek philosophy we have heard the term experience used as something that concerns both knowledge and inner sensitivity. It is the moment in which the sensation intervenes, it is the intuitive and immediate perception of a feeling. Quoting Rombach "Experience is the kind of knowledge that refers to facts and situations already given, and presents them as belonging to a certain constellation and emerging [objectively] from this [...] [Experience] is based on sensitive perception [immediate knowledge] but is never limited to it, but draws 'conclusions', 'draws' laws, 'goes back' to causes or somehow inscribes interpretations in a data material, which had already been acquired in the light of certain interpretations". So, experience is a multipurpose concept that can only be determined by sector. But basically, it is this sum of feelings, sensations and inner sensitivity that represents the true "I’m".

Over the centuries, philosophy and psychology have revolved around these concepts, trying to give a definition, looking for their origin and meaning. We, here, much more simply and perhaps even less courtly, think that our Ego is the sum and the meaning of the experiences we live every day, especially when we come into contact with different cultures, when we leave our daily lives to experience realities, it’s not important if distant or close, but dimensionally different. Traveling has a deep meaning for us. It is not just the simple act of moving from one place to another. It is the discovery, it is the immersion in a different dimension, made of scents, colours and sensations that transform the experience and enrich us.
I’m, the meaning of the experience ... because your journey begins here!