Interlude Magazine



The essence of lightness

The goal of this spring is to be lighthearted. Far from wanting to mean superficiality, the very essence of lightness is living with enthusiasm, knowing how to dive into new experiences, feeling light as butterflies. 
Being lighthearted means knowing how to live, with the awareness that life is a dream to be realized. 
It is getting up from the ground and following the flight of birds. It means gliding over things not simply letting yourself be carried away by the wind, but considering the wind as the tool to reach your goal. 
No more walls made of pride, golden prisons made of fear and guilt. 
The essence of lightness is the momentum with which we face our next journey and the knowledge of new destinations. Corners of paradise, small villages, places where you can be lulled by the music of the wind, the discovery of unique flavors: all of this is the essence of Interlude's lightness.