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Like a drop of water…

Water is a primordial element, a vital principle also considered as a means of regeneration.

Since ancient times, man has recognized water as the source of all life. Talete of Miletus wrote, "water is the principle of all things; it had a large part in the production of bodies; which made nature fruitful, nourishing plants and trees; and without its course, the earth, dry, burnt, and devoid of juices, would remain sterile, and would present a horrible desert to sight”.

Lady of the water is the moon and represents cyclicality, something that concludes, something that washes and transforms. In many cultural and spiritual traditions, it is a symbol of purity, candor, and clarity. In its flow, it represents total dynamism and change because it is always changing and never equal to itself. Without levees, it disperses but is extremely adaptable, passive, and receptive. It is often unpredictable, illogical, intuition, and instinctual. The underwater world is full of charm because the water is deep, its currents are often not seen, but deep down there is full of myths and surprises.

Water uses sensory communication, loves the harmony of emotions. It is the image of the journey par excellence, the journey of Ulysses itself is on water and the peoples and even mythological beings encountered in his stops on the Mediterranean islands are linked to the water. The sea allowed travel and life itself flowed from the sea.

Water, therefore, represents our rebirth, our ability to adapt, but also our perseverance to scratch even the hardest rock. We begin our new journey, the flow of water will take us to safe harbors or to distant shores, it will certainly lead us to new experiences.