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Autumn, a second springtime

Camus wrote that autumn is a second spring because every leaf on the trees looks like a flower.

I believe that thinking of autumn, we often thinks of it in a melancholy key, for the end of the summer, of summer carefreeness, but nature in this period offers us a wealth of products to the point that indigenous peoples celebrated the autumn recognizing its abundance.
Spiritually speaking, autumn represents the moment in which we must recognize this abundance, that moment of the year when we activate a new cycle of growth. And after all, look at nature, look at the red, ocher, orange and brown brushstrokes with which it is painted, everything reminds us of vitality, energy, but also wisdom and authenticity.
Let's sit down, meditate, savor the beauty of this nature, smell the scent of the earth wet by the rain, look at how the forest prepares for autumn, savor what the earth offers us, chestnuts, mushrooms, pumpkins and let's get ready for our new growth cycle, shifting our consciousness from the sense of lack to that of growth.