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Mount Etna, called “A Muntagna", is one of the largest still active volcanoes, the highest in Europe. It dominates and continuously shapes the surrounding area with its more than three thousand meters high, with eruptions and flows along its slopes, in the middle of the eastern coast of Sicily. The Etna Park, with its woods, paths, unrepeatable landscapes, typical products, the historic centers of its little towns, is in every expression the strength of a powerful and generous nature. It is not only the right place for excursions lovers because Enta can give exciting suggestions also to those who prefer a beach holiday.



Catania, a splendid city of art, is located at the foot of Mount Etna which with its eruptions gives it a special charm. It is recognized as a UNESCO heritage site for its countless monuments and Baroque palaces, which can be admired while walking along the streets of the historic center. Catania is a city that fascinates you starting from Piazza del Duomo, the heart of the city, where the three main roads converge and you get lost in archeology, history, and culture, at its center reigns the famous Fountain of the Elephant, a symbol of the city, carved in black lava, above which stands an Egyptian obelisk. Legend has it that this statue has the power to appease the wrath of the Etna volcano. Absolutely not to be missed is Piazza Bellini, where the splendid Massimo Bellini Theater is located, Villa Bellini, one of the two oldest gardens and one of the four main parks of Catania and Castello Ursino, today also a Museum. You cannot say that you have visited Catania if you do not taste its street food specialties starting from the Pescheria, to admire the typical markets of the city.




Despite being a very small city, Taormina is considered one of the treasures of Sicily, offering an incredible view of the sea and the Etna volcano. Being midway between Messina and Catania, a strategic position to enjoy excursions along the east coast, it is certainly one of the most visited cities in eastern Sicily. 
Its charming historic center, famous for its narrow streets and enchanting shops, makes you understand immediately why Taormina is called "the Sicilian Saint Tropez". The most important site is certainly the Greek Theater, one of the most well preserved in the world and still today the stage for numerous concerts and cultural activities. 
Absolutely to visit, indulging in a suggestive boat ride, are Blue Grotto, Baia delle Sirene and Isola Bella.

Qual è la dimensione
della tua prossima vacanza?

Dream è il lusso del pensiero, è la realizzazione confortevole di un sogno, è una breve fuga dalla vita di tutti i giorni, è il tentativo di vivere il relax di un hotel all'interno di un contesto significativo all'insegna del lusso rilassante.

Emotion è la musica della natura che sussurra all'emozione, il fruscio degli alberi alla sera, il buon cibo della terra sul tavolo della colazione, il colore mozzafiato di un tramonto sono gli ingredienti per una esperienza emozionale.

Experience il cielo rimane il nostro unico limite, non si dovrebbe mai fare la stessa esperienza due volte. Ogni volta che l'ospite vorrà trascorre la sua vacanza dovrebbe sempre fare cose nuove e diverse, dallo sport alla cultura. Questa è pura vitalitài.

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