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Tuscany is a place to get lost and find yourself, letting yourself be inspired by its masterpieces of art and food and wine refinements. Cradle of the Renaissance and homeland of Dante, Petrarca, Boccaccio, Galileo Galilei, and Leonardo Da Vinci, it is home to the most beautiful cities of art in Italy. Does not lack nature with the Apennines and the Apuan Alps and the sandy coasts of the Maremma. Finally, the Spa offers a unique atmosphere to make your holiday even more enjoyable.



Pisa and Lucca are some of the most popular destinations in Tuscany, must-see destinations for lovers of history, art, and architecture. 
Pisa is an ancient maritime city that has always seduced visitors with its hidden treasures, like the arch along the medieval walls that invites you to enter Piazza del Duomo and Campo Dei Miracoli, a UNESCO heritage site, where you can admire the dedicated Cathedral to the Virgin Mary, the Campo Santo, the famous Torre Pendente (leaning tower) and the tallest Baptistery in the world, which rise shining as symbols of Pisa. A walk along the Lungarno is a must, where you can meet the other treasures that shine in the city. 
Lucca, a city-fortress, is enclosed by a wall of over 4 kilometers, along which you can run across the walk of the walls. 
Nicknamed the city of a hundred churches in ancient times, it is one of the most famous art cities with its towers, bell towers, and Renaissance buildings, making it a timeless place. Definitely worth visiting are the Cathedral of San Martino, the church of San Frediano, with its beautiful mosaic on the central facade, and the House of Giacomo Puccini. The ancient splendor of this city also hosts many events, such as Lucca Comics.





In the heart of Tuscany, between Pisa and Lucca, the Pisan Mountains extend, which include a vast territory rich in traditions and flavors, but also in abbeys, monastic villages, hermitages that reveal themselves with all their ancient charm in isolated places surrounded by greenery. La Strada dell’Olio is particularly interesting, an ideal path where tradition and artistic and natural beauties combine with the pleasant-tasting of extra virgin olive oil and other typical local products, with well-being in the historic thermal baths of San Giuliano. 
The Pisan Mountains are ideal for those who love being in contact with nature and for lovers of trekking, which together with the San Rossore Park are a paradise for excursions from a visit to the Valle delle Fonti between Monte Mireto and Monte Costa Great at the springs of the Zembra stream, or along the path of the ancient Medici aqueduct, to discover rare species of flowers and plants.




San Giuliano Terme is a peaceful bucolic paradise just a few minutes from Pisa and Lucca. A pretty village in the center of Tuscany, renowned for its ancient thermal waters: the Bagni di Pisa (Pisa Baths). The town is a few kilometers from the center of Pisa, and it is located in a strategic position to explore the natural and artistic beauties of Tuscany. There are numerous historic houses built between the 15th and 19th centuries, with their particular gardens, the Corliano, Roncioni, Molina, and Rigoli Houses are worth visiting. There are also numerous nature trails for trekking or cycling lovers in the natural park that includes Migliarino, S. Rossore, and Massaciuccoli. A special feature of the reserve is the beach of Marina di Vecchiano, a coastline with a gold-coloured beach. 
In San Giuliano Terme the desire to rediscover your well-being becomes a reality, thanks to the nature that surrounds it and the physical wellness that will pamper those who choose this destination for their journey.


Which is the essence
of your next vacation?

Dream is the luxury of thought, it is the comfortable realization of a dream, it is a brief escape from everyday life, it is the attempt to experience the relaxation of a hotel within a significant context of relaxing luxury.

Emotion is a whisper of the music of nature, the rustling of trees in the evening, the good food of the earth on the breakfast table, the breathtaking color of a sunset are the ingredients for an emotional experience.

Experience, the sky remains our only limit, you should never do the same experience twice. Whenever the guest wants to spend his holiday he should always do new and different things, from sport to culture. This is pure vitality.







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